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PictPress Thumbs

PictPress Thumbs is a WordPress plugin for dynamically resizing images, maintaining a cache of resized images separate from the images themselves. It is part of the new PictPress implementation.

PictPress Thumbs offers the following functionality:

  • An options pages where:
    • names for standard image sizes can be defined. Each size is either a proportional resize of an image or a resize and crop of an image. Predefined standard names are thumbnail for the WordPress thumbnail images and picture for the images WordPress shows on attachment pages.
    • a permalink structure for resized images can be defined.
    • names for captions that can be added to images.
    • names for styles to use for image display (like left aligned, right aligned, etc).
  • A replacement for the browse tab in the upload section of the write page, where a choice can be made from the predefined standard sizes, captions, and styles for images that are inserted in the post.
  • A cache directory separate from the images where copies of the resized images are stored.

Sizes can be specified as WxH for resizing and WxHcXxY for resizing and cropping. WxH means the image is made smaller to just fit in a rectangle of that size. WxHcXxY means the image is made smaller to just cover a rectangle of W+2*X by H+2*Y completely, then it is cropped to a rectangle of WxH.

The permalink structure by default is based on the permalink structure WordPress uses for attachments, which is %parent%/%attachment%, where %parent% is the permalink of the parent post of the attachment and %attachment% is the name of the attachment (derived from its title). For images we use as permalink %parent%/%attachment%/%size%.%ext%, where %size% is the name of one of the standard sizes and %ext% is the extension (e.g. jpg).

Captions can be defined in terms of attributes associated with an image, like title, description, date, etc.

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