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PictPress - progress report

I am working on a complete rewrite of my PictPress plugin for WordPress. PictPress is intended for a way of working where you upload images to your website outside the WordPress admin user interface, e.g. via ftp, shared directories, etc. PictPress offers an easy way of including these images in a new post.

PictPress will be split up in four relatively independent parts:

  • Thumbs, a plugin for dynamically resizing images, maintaining a cache of resized images separate from the images themselves. It also changes the browse tab of the upload section of the write page to provide selection of several sizes and styles of images.
  • AutoText, a plugin to automatically generate a table of content for attachments, posts, or pages.
  • Subposts, a plugin to make a hierarchy of posts.
  • PictPress itself, which now is just an automatic way of attaching a previously uploaded image or directory of images to a post. This will be done in a new tab added to the upload section of the write page.

This offers a much better integration with the WordPress attachment functionality.

Thumbs and Subposts are well along the way, Pictpress will follow soon.

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