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Ruby IMAP server

I tried to get ximapd running with the Hyper Estraier backend. In order to get Thunderbird to login, I had to remove LOGINDISABLED from the CapabilityCommand. Further my Hyper Estraier install only provided an estraier.so library for Ruby support, while the Hyper Estraier backend is referencing a HyperEstraier class. I replaced all HyperEstraier by Estraier, but then got stuck on a “no such document” message. After replacing the line

        result = @index.search(cond, 0)
        return result.to_a


        result = @index.search(cond)
        a = Array.new
        for i in 0...result.doc_num
          a << result.get_doc_id(i)
        return a

it worked.

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