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PictPress 0.91

Update: The newest version is PictPress 1.0.

Important: This version does not properly check the size argument to the resize.php script and is vulnerable to website attacks. Please update to later versions.

PictPress is a wordpress 1.2 plugin that automatically appends thumbnails and picture pages to a post for all images found in a directory associated with the post. Thumbnails and pictures are resized on the fly and stored in a cache directory. For an example see my post with Vermeer paintings.


  • PictPress needs the ImageMagick convert program to resize images.
  • PictPress uses the rdjpgcom program to read comments from the images.
  • The function exif_read_data is optionally used to read EXIF data like picture date etc.


  1. Unzip pictpress.zip in the root directory of your site. This creates a pictpress directory next your wordpress directory.
  2. Move, copy or link the file pictpress/pictpress.php to the WordPress plugin directory, e.g. on a Unix system
    ln pictpress/pictpress.php wordpress/wp-content/plugins
  3. Enable the PictPress plugin on the Plugins admin page.
  4. Insert a line
    RewriteRule ^cache/([0-9]+)/(.*) /pictpress/resize.php?size=$1&path=$2 [QSA]
    in your .htaccess file.


  1. First upload one or more JPEG images to the directory you want to use
    (I use /images/%year%/%monthnum%/%postname% myself).
  2. Then create a new post that will use this directory (in my case by setting date and Post Slug the same as used for the directory).
  3. When pressing Publish, thumbnails for all images will be appended to the post (with a --more-- marker after the first five thumbnails) and for each image a picture page will be appended to the post. The thumbnails have links to the picture pages and the pictures have links to the full resolution image.
  4. Subtitles are added to the picture pages using the h4-tag, where the subtitle is either set to the JPEG comment or to the image filename.
  5. Captions under the thumbnails are set to the subtitles and follow updates being made to the subtitles.
  6. When updating a post, any new images in the image directory are merged with the existing post and the thumbnails are replaced by the new set. This is the way to include new pictures after these have been added to the image directory. Already existing picture pages are not replaced and any edits you make there are retained when updating. Edits to thumbnails are lost


There are a number of parameters that you can adjust at the top of the pictpress.php file.

  • Location of image directory
  • Size of thumbnails and images on picture pages
  • Maximum number of thumbnails per page
  • Number of thumbnails before more…
  • Automatically insert CSS header yes/no

Update: New version here.

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