Snapshots using rsync on Mac

Posted in Mac on 27 Dec 2009

I got fed up with Time Machine not backing up my iPhoto library. If I keep iPhoto running, it does not back up at all; if I quit iPhoto, it still will not make a full backup because I have a screen saver running with the Last Month smart folder, and this apparently locks out the last month of photos from being backed up. Also Time Machine will not back up from remote file systems.

So I looked around for a backup solution based on rsync. These solutions are around:

I mixed these together in my own script that can be called daily from crontab. It cycles through 7 daily backups and 8 weekly backups. Here is the script.

Use of Creative Zen with a Mac

Posted in Mac on 11 Jul 2008

The Creative Zen mediaplayer is not directly supported on the Mac. I use the following software to transfer media to it:

Note: to access the SD memory card in the Zen you do not need any additional software. You must enable it as a removable drive on the Zen and then it will appear as an USB drive on the Mac when connected.

PictPress Thumbs

Posted in PictPress on 3 Jan 2008 (last modified: 7 Jan 2008)

PictPress Thumbs is a WordPress plugin for dynamically resizing images, maintaining a cache of resized images separate from the images themselves. It is part of the new PictPress implementation. Read the rest of this entry »

PictPress - progress report

Posted in PictPress on 3 Jan 2008 (last modified: 5 Feb 2008)

I am working on a complete rewrite of my PictPress plugin for WordPress. PictPress is intended for a way of working where you upload images to your website outside the WordPress admin user interface, e.g. via ftp, shared directories, etc. PictPress offers an easy way of including these images in a new post. Read the rest of this entry »

Quick Look plugins

Posted in Mac, Info on 16 Dec 2007

Quick Look is new functionality added in Mac OS X 10.5 Leopoard. It is activated by pressing the space bar in Finder.

The qlgenerator files should be installed in the /Library/QuickLook folder. Finder should be relaunched after install.

Handbook of Applied Cryptography

Posted in Books on 16 Dec 2007

This book provides a detailed and comprehensive overview of applied cryptography. Designed for reference and browsing, the authors still intend that a front-to-back read have some merit. Chapters can be freely downloaded.
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PictPress 0.91 vulnerability

Posted in PictPress on 7 Dec 2007

It just came to my attention that PictPress 0.91 has a vulnerability for website attacks caused by an unvalidated argument to the resize.php script. As far as I know this vulnerability has been fixed from version 0.99 upwards. All users of the older version should upgrade or remove the plugin from their website.

If there are still vulnerabilities in the newer versions, please let me know.

Experience with upgrade to Mac OS 10.5 Leopard

Posted in Mac on 28 Oct 2007 (last modified: 15 Nov 2007)

I did an upgrade yesterday, and this did not go smoothly, Leopard bit me hard:
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Posted in Mac, Info on 5 Sep 2007

VNC server for Mac:

VNC client for Mac:

Mac Intel driver for HP Deskjet 840C

Posted in Mac on 4 Sep 2007

After upgrading to an Intel iMac, my HP Deskjet 840C started to produce garbled output. Fonts were too large and clipped at the bottom. Apparently the HP Deskjet 3.3 driver is broken on Intel computers. Solution is to download and install the HP Deskjet 2.7.1 driver. This is a PPC driver and will work via Rosetta, but output looks good.

iMac 24 inch

Posted in Mac on 31 Aug 2007 (last modified: 5 Sep 2007)

New and old iMac side by side.


New and old
SONY DSC-H9 10/60 f/2.8 2900×1992 pixels 1335 kB


Development tools

Posted in Mac on 30 Aug 2007

Development tools for Mac:

Springer GTM Test

Posted in Books on 27 Jun 2007

If I were a Springer-Verlag Graduate Text in Mathematics, I would be J.L. Doob’s Measure Theory.

I am different from other books on measure theory in that I accept probability theory as an essential part of measure theory. This means that many examples are taken from probability; that probabilistic concepts such as independence, Markov processes, and conditional expectations are integrated into me rather than being relegated to an appendix; that more attention is paid to the role of algebras than is customary; and that the metric defining the distance between sets as the measure of their symmetric difference is exploited more than is customary.

Which Springer GTM would you be? The Springer GTM Test

Photo tools

Posted in Mac, Info on 14 Jun 2007

Tools for working with images:

Concatenate image tiles to larger image

Posted in Hacks, Linux on 7 Jun 2007

Often sites display larger images split up in tiles of e.g. 256×256 pixels. The tiles can easily be retrieved using e.g. curl. The full image can be reconstructed using ImageMagick montage:

montage +frame +shadow +label -tile NxM -geometry +0+0 *.jpg joined.jpg

where N is the number of horizontal tiles and M is the number of vertical tiles.

Physics reference material

Posted in Physics, Info on 9 May 2007 (last modified: 15 Nov 2007)

Physics reference material found on the web.
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Mount ftp site read/write on Mac

Posted in Mac on 8 May 2007 (last modified: 15 May 2007)

MacFuse provides everything you need to mount an ftp directory on a remote site on your Mac:

  • Download and install MacFuse
  • Download the Mac port of CurlFtpFs and put it in a directory in your search path
  • Create directory ftp
  • Execute command
    curlftpfs ftp

The mount point will become visible in the finder. Replace user/pass by your usercode/password and by the name of your ftp site.

Update: See also MacFusion for a GUI to MacFuse.

iPhoto plugins

Posted in Mac, Info on 12 Apr 2007

Useful plugins for use with iPhoto:

Canonical Hostname

Posted in Apache on 2 Apr 2007

You can force your website to be accessed through a canonical hostname by forcing a redirect from other hostnames in .htaccess or httpd.conf:

RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} !^canonical\.host\.name [NC]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} !^$
RewriteRule ^/(.*)$$1 [C,L,R=301]
RewriteRule ^$  [L,R=301]

ADSL: from KPN to XS4ALL Only

Posted in General on 30 Mar 2007 (last modified: 4 Jan 2008)

My internet provider is the dutch XS4ALL, where I had an ADSL Basic account, 6 Mbit download/768 Kbit upload. Recently they provided an upgrade to Xs4ALL Only for the same price, 8 Mbit download/1 Mbit upload, with additionally the possibility to drop the telephone connection and related charges, which was an obligation for the former ADSL connection. Read the rest of this entry »